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Rocco X Design Collab

“I love to incorporate bespoke joinery into my projects as it gives me control of the flow of the space;  The symmetry of the space and how everything is going to be stored is key in achieving the room’s maximum potential. When collaborating with DC, the four most important aspects for me were: form, function, versatility and quality.  You don’t always have the budget or time for bespoke pieces on every project so I love that the DC range is so adaptable.  Especially more so with the option to customise your colours and finishes which makes them all the more fun to play with.” - Kristin 

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Kristin first discovered her love for furniture design whilst working in a bespoke furniture store in Notting Hill many years ago. 

Clients are often scared of committing to bespoke but we do our best to guide you through the process so that we can create something that is not only unique, but functional.  The possibilities are endless when you go bespoke - giving you complete freedom over dimensions, finishes and how the product functions overall.  

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